Agnes Herczeg – Lace weaver of tranquil beauty


A few months ago, on Instagram, I saw some rather unusual works, which immediately touched me. I did some research and had the chance to interview the artist herself.
Agnes Herszeg graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, specializing in fabric conservation.
A few years ago, she learned the technique of needle lace and began to create serene, meditative women absorbed by their daily gestures. She combines the delicacy of lace with the strength of intriguing pieces of wood that she picks up on her walks.

2015 © Agnes Herczeg
2017 © Agnes Herczeg

Her women are intrinsically associated with the objects around them, the thread passing from one to the other, one and the other supporting each other.

I don’t know why I embroider women, but I know that nothing stronger can come from me. I don’t need them to be very dynamic: the actions of fighting against the wind or the rain, of cleaning the snow are enough for me.

Focused on their work, gazing into the distance, sleeping or meditating, the women of Agnes transmit a softness and strength that amazes when you see the size of the works. “I started out without metal wire, with some pretty big pieces. Now they’re smaller, and I use silk instead of viscose because it gives that extra feel and a beautiful natural shine.

I use natural elements: wood, hemp, linen, silk. The outlines are made with copper wire and the finishes are done with water-based paint, with natural colors.

2015 © Agnes Herczeg
2017 © Agnes Herczeg

The creation goes through 6 phases:
– The composition – organization of the drawing, order of the stitches,
– The placement of outlines – the edges of each figure are drawn with a copper wire, lying on a cardboard support using a few stitches,
– The embroidery – this is the most improvised part because Agnes cannot predict which stitches she will use,
– The paint – the lace is removed from the cardboard, cleaned and decorated with thin layers of paint,
– Wood – Agnes has a beautiful collection of pieces of wood with unusual shapes. She carefully chooses the one that will suit the lace, the polish, the paint and the threads,
– The photo – this is an important step, but often complicated!

Each piece requires hours of work, reflection and great precision. The technique is known around the world, but the artist’s work is difficult to pass on. In that, it is quite unique, for our greatest pleasure.

2016 © Agnes Herczeg

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