Litli Ulfur – Stitching the inner bond between the Human Soul and Nature


Meet Litli Ulfur, a very discreet embroidery artist – Do not try to find her name or her country – She comes from Nature like an Elfe, bringing her inner peace to us.

Texte from Litli Ulfur on questions by Claire de Pourtalès

I am a creator expressing myself through threads as my words. My artistic nickname reflects who I am. Litli Ulfur are light and dark, or day and night to me. I don’t translate it literally. My deep understanding of contrasting energies that resonate within me is included in this name.

Tide © Litli Ulfur

When I was growing up I had an opportunity to commune with nature a lot. My family house was close to the woods and I used to ride a bike there. I was also discovering wild, seaside, alpine forests, national parks and many more from all over the world.
One of the most pleasant memories I got from there are holidays spent at my aunt’s village where me and my whole family hung around together. While being there I had an impression that time ran differently. I could sense everything more deeply. I distinctly remember the intense scents spreading around, the sound of stream flowing near the house and the deep silence at night. I remember picking the full baskets of blueberries and vividness of flowers which I collected to make a bouquet on my way home. All of this is so vivid in my memories  – the abundance of forests has fascinated me since I was a child. Being among so much greenness was a feast for my senses. I love nature and I am grateful that it is here. Now, I can say that I live near the forests where, among others, I am looking for calmness and inspiration.

Wholeness (above) / The Inside (below) © Litli Ulfur

I came across many fields of art in my life – including painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic arts, industrial design. I have been discovering some of them from the early stages of life. The studies at the Academy of Fine Arts gave me further grounding as well as allowed me to learn new skills, discover new talents and also taught me some new forms of expressing myself based on knowledge and experience.
From all of these fields the drawing and painting were closest to my heart. All of the years I studied gave me grounds to fulfill myself as a person, who consciously develops her work in her own way.

Embroidery manifested itself in many different forms in my life. Every time I saw an embroidery I wanted to try my hand at it but I didn’t have enough time due to the studies and later on, because of my job. It was till the day I decided to soak into it fully. It was in 2018 that I started to acquire the basic knowledge, watch tutorials etc. – I learnt everything by myself. In 2019 I threw myself into the embroidering, it was 7 days in a week of working late. I felt a deep connection with what I was doing. There was a huge flow in my mind and a feeling that this form of expressing myself is the most liberating for me. The curiosity of material and immaterial world pushes me to constant searching. When I’m embroidering I can reflect best what I have in my mind, my visions become real. I feel constant need for gaining more and more experience, searching for new forms and exploring the topic of embroidery fully. Embroidery is my way of communication with the world and myself. I make each work by my hands, putting a lot of work, emotions, engagement into it. From the beginning of the concept in my head I’m following it completely. It takes a lot of time mostly because I am not looking for shortcuts.

Currently, I don’t seek to literal forms, abstraction best reflects my own individual perception of what I see. What I create is a combination of fascination of the beauty of nature and desire to express it in my own way. My visions are created and influenced by stimuli, impressions and reactions.

Wholeness-details © Litli Ulfur

When taking into consideration fusion of different stimuli, impressions, emotions, approach, artwork – the creative process looks different every time. I don’t focus on one technique or on particular rules only. I use commonly known stitches but I like to experiment with my own stitches as well –  which are made without any rules. I follow what I feel is right at the given moment.
Most of my works until now have been created in my imagination. Some of them needed a longer path of development and focusing on sharpening the senses on everything  that could potentially help me grow the project in my head.
Sometimes the smell of something, touching some surface or the very taste helped me. Sometimes it is synesthesia. The final result is a combination of every, even the smallest one, stimuli – there is no rule to that. But with every work, with no exception, I use my own way to get inspired and prepare to another piece of embroidery.

Awake © Litli Ulfur

Let me show you a small part of it. At first I take a deep breath and try to quiet my mind. Then I immerse myself in nature. I Introspect and listen carefully to myself and what is around me. I celebrate this moment – being completely aware of it is crucial. I open myself up so I can consciously connect with it. I smell the scent, colour, I feel the texture, experience the sound and taste. I hold these moments close to me. Then I allow my creativity to emerge and guide me. In these circumstances, ideas of my embroidery are being created. Being alone with nature is really important to me. It gives me space to reflect on why I do what I do and feel what I feel. I connect with my own personal world of imagination and possibilities.

While embroidering I am usually immersed in silence, but I am also open to anything what might resonate with my work at the time. I sometimes put some music on or some sounds of the nature in the background. Embroidering is a form of meditation which I can blend into with a very important part of myself. It is a conversation with myself, with my strong and weak sides. Each embroidery is unique, I don’t reproduce what I create. While embroidering I feel freedom without disturbance – I feel that I’m on the right path.

Tide-details © Litli Ulfur

I am not a scientist, I am kind of a person who likes to dwell upon one topic which seems to be interesting.
My goal is to inspire others, stimulate the imagination and draw attention to human interconnection with the world of nature and the inner world. I don’t create to meet one’s expectations. I create, among others, to go beyond my internal barriers, to discover my own potential and to feel the connection with the rest of the world.
The awareness of this connection, e.g. that someone on the other side of the globe understands my message and feels the way I feel– makes my heart grow. Interaction with tender-minded people who try to understand my work and share their impressions with me gives me a lot of motivation for further creation.

Connection © Litli Ulfur

I take the photos of my embroideries by myself as well as I choose the graphic design of it. Each of my work usually contains a nonliteral message. The topic is approached holistically. On the Instagram I cite quotes to give an idea of what I want to convey with my embroidery. They sometimes appear at the beginning of embroidering and sometimes in the middle of it  –  the important thing is that they resonate with everything I want to convey.
I don’t consult books on plants to get help with shades and forms. I am led by intuition and imagination.

I focus on one embroidery only while working. I don’t make more than one embroidery simultaneously. Sometimes it happens that during the process of creation a new idea appears in my head, and then it needs to be written down and I’m getting back to work again.
The moment of finishing the embroidery evokes so many emotions in me at once. This feeling is similar to the one that appears when you climb the top of the high mountain. It’s hard to put into words. After all, no matter of what end result is, the way to that final part is what I appreciate most. I would call it „a core of the embroidery’’.

The Inside-details © Litli Ulfur
Connexion-détail © Litli Ulfur

So far I don’t sell and I don’t put on display any of my works. I’m now focusing on creative work, but I don’t exclude that someday I will feel that this is the right moment to release them into the world – I must feel really ready for this. I don’t know when this time comes but I will put it in my bio or in the main post when I feel ready.

Artist I admire: Björk Guðmundsdóttir!

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