From Fontainebleau

CHF 9.00

Inspired by the beautiful palace of Fontainebleau and its park, Ingo Weisbarth has imagined this elegant bouquet to be stitched with 10 different traditional stitches.

Full instructions file to be downloaded – no material sent.

Sold By: Ingo Weisbarth (D)


Full instructions file to be downloaded – no material sent.

Size of the embroidery : 20 x 19.2 cm

8 pages of step-by-step instructions, with actual size designs to transfer, list of material (including a choice of threads from cotton to silk), explanations for each stitch (stem stitch, fly stitch, bullion stitch, daisy stitch, long and short stitches, feather stitch, knitting stitch, straight stitch, satin stitch and French knot).

Level – beginners

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