Liste de cours


Cecilia Roger-Saanen (Cours en Anglais / Français / Italien – cours de broderie traditionnelle, haute couture et broderie traditionnelle japonaise)

Cecilia a commencé sa formation en broderie de perles japonaises sous la direction de Chellie Monier, enseignante certifiée JEC. Elle a pu suivre des masterclasses avec Reiko Matsukawa de l’atelier Kurenai-kai, sous la direction duquel elle a obtenu la certification Phase V.
Elle est maintenant également enseignante certifiée et elle aime beaucoup enseigner cette technique de broderie japonaise complémentaire. Elle est également une enseignante certifiée en broderie japonaise.

Cours de broderie japonaises de perles – 4 niveaux suivi d’un 5ème de certification

  • Phase 1 = 12 heures, Euro 120
  • Phase 2 = 18 heures, Euro 180

Le kit Phase 1 (voir photo ci-jointe) coûte 60 $ si vous l’achetez au Japanese Embroidery Center (si vous habitez aux États-Unis) ou 70 € si vous l’achetez chez Cecilia.
Vous y trouvez un PDF détaillé avec les techniques et les vidéos des démonstrations associées et vous aurez accès à une zone pour les adhérents, où tout le matériel sera téléchargé.
Des sessions de 3 heures sont programmées toutes les deux semaines, vous avez donc le temps de faire quelques points à la maison. Il est très important de faire du travail avant chque leçon. Premier cours en janvier. Vous trouverez des informations plus détaillées ici:


Céline Lepage-Murat (Auvergne) (cours au crochet de Lunéville)

Caroline Gamb (Illkirch – Strasbourg)

Formation à l’Ecole Lessage ; finaliste concours MOF option Haute couture 2015

Cours de 3 heures pendant l’année scolaire (8 élèves max – Association ACLIG) – choix libre de techniques: ruban, traditionnelle, avec passementeries, fils d’or et autres matières originales, crochet de Lunéville.



Rebecca Devaney (Paris)

Samplers of Seduction / A beginners online embroidery course in English.

Sunday 19th of September until Sunday 17th of October (5 classes)
Sunday 14th of November until Sunday the 12th of December (5 classes)

In this exciting introduction to embroidery you will learn how to set-up an embroidery frame and fifteen basic embroidery stitches (straight, back, stem, blanket, fly, feather, chain, daisy chain, french knots, chevron, herringbone, seeding, long and short, coiling and satin stitch). Each class is a lovely occasion for creativity, relaxation, and something to look forward to over the Autumn and Winter.
The course begins with a presentation on the fascinating history of embroidery samplers and how they were used in both education and seduction! Then each week you will learn new stitches and Rebecca will share tips and tricks on how to make embroidery an easy, enjoyable, and more artistic craft.
The course takes place over five classes on Zoom. Each class will be an hour on Sundays from 5pm to 6pm Paris time (GMT +1). The course is €100 and payments can be made by bank transfer or Paypal. Once payment is received, Rebecca will send you a materials list with recommendations of where to purchase supplies and the Sampler pattern.
After each class, you will receive written instructions and a link to the recorded Zoom session which you can download and keep to practice your stitches, or just in case you miss a class.  During the week you can send a photo of your work to Rebecca who will give you feedback about your stitches and help with any questions.

For further information please contact Rebecca via her website


Maison Routhier-Rochambeau

Tamara Rubilar (Montréal)


dr Jessica Grimm (in English)Medieval Embroidery Course – A 10-week course exploring medieval goldwork embroidery techniques starting Septembre 6th 2021.

By attending the course you will gain in-depth knowledge of how medieval goldwork embroideries were made. What technical inventions revolutionised the process and the workshop setup. What inspired the stylistic language? You will learn about the close relationships between embroiderers, goldsmiths, painters and sculptors. Who were these embroiderers? Did they see themselves as artists? How were they organised? Who did they work for? The core of the course form the embroidery samples you will work. They are all inspired by actual medieval embroideries. You will handle luxury fabrics like samite and silk twill, as well as high-qualitygoldthreads and different kinds of beautiful silk yarn. After taking this course, you will know the benefits of using madder, sienna and iron gall ink. This course is directed at embroiderers beyond the level of absolute beginner. For more information, please visit:

Pays-Bas / Netherlands

Sarah Pedlow/ ThreadWritten (in English)

I teach an Introduction through World Textiles, Non-traditional Monograms and Text, Hungarian Written Embroidery, Embroidered Flowers of Portugal, Borshchiv embroidery from Western Ukraine, and Drawing with Thread: From Tradition to Contemporary Art, an extended 4 week session. All workshops are 2 hours, live, on Zoom. Each includes a cultural and historical slide talk along with hands-on stitching instruction. People can go to to register.