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En haut à gauche : Motif évolutif Années folles, Céline Lepage Broderie d’Art 2019
En bas à droite : Motif évolutif spirales, Céline Lepage Broderie d’Art

Sarah Pedlow (in English)

I am teaching an Introduction, Non-traditional Monograms and Text, Hungarian Written Embroidery, and Embroidered Flowers of Portugal. All are 2 hours, semi-private, live, online. I give a short slide talk with cultural and historical information in every class. People can go to to register.

Portuguese and Hungarian workshop embroidery

Claire Zhou (France)

Projet en cours – Recherches sur les créatures légendaires – ici, l’ondine
Les courbes, ainsi que le dégradé de bleu évoquent comme un zoom d’un ricochet dans l’eau qui provoquent des « vibrations ». Pour accentuer, et représenter ces traits d’ondes, j’ai joué sur la texture des fils et des points, passé plat alterné de points de Boulogne.

Sabine Antoine (France)

17 et 18 octobre 2020 : stage à Conques – Lettrine brodée –

Broderie à l’aiguille : technique dite «peinture à l’aiguille», points de chaînette, sable, Boulogne, couchure, bouclette, passé plat. Pose de cordelette.
Sur métier à broder professionnel.
Possibilité d’utiliser la technique du «crochet de Lunéville» (technique utilisée en haute couture) au fil ou avec des perles.

dr Jessica Grimm (Allemagne – English)

Online course – ‘Imperial Goldwork Course’:

Jessica Grimm is offering a goldwork online course with live-demonstrating and Q&A using Zoom. Each lesson is accompanied by a PDF handout which is available from her webshop for download. The classes are based on an early 20th-century goldwork course published by Amelie von Saint-George.

She was a tutor at the Imperial School of Needlework in Vienna. The techniques taught are characteristic for 19th-century goldwork embroidery from Central Europe and differ quite a bit from modern goldwork embroidery. Visit Jessica’s blog-post for instructions on how to take part’.



Natalie Dupuis (Canada, English)

Natalie intends to launch a series of online classes in goldwork embroidery this autumn. Her courses will be extra engaging as she will offer LIVE work sessions through Zoom to complement all the PDF’s, photographs, watercolour paintings and pre-filmed videos she is creating for her students.  She will use one of the best online learning platforms called so that her students have a professional, sleek, and easy to use learning experience.

Natalie’s first course is led by her research paper on couching, and will have 8 modules to reflect each section of the paper.  Students will create a sampler of the 8 different types of couching, and will design their own unique piece of Or Nue or Italian Shading as the culminating assignment for assessment. For a sneak peek at the outline, see this link:

Rebecca Devaney (Paris – ateliers en Anglais et Français)

This summer, learn to sew!

The theme is Indian Summer and using beautiful Maison Sajou printed cotton fabrics in each workshop, you will leave with a gorgeous finished piece, ready to use in your own home to brighten up your summer! Each workshop will introduce a new sewing technique to develop your skills such as preparing fabric, cutting patterns, hemming, lining, bias- binding, and plenty more tips and tricks along the way. You will also learn how to design and create mood boards, colour schemes and fabric selections to explore and express your creativity.

Soline du Puy (France)

Tamara Rubilar (Canada, Montréal)

Capsules vidéo broderie (trucs et astuces)
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Studio textile Montréal reprendra ses ateliers présentiels en septembre.
Des cours en ligne et des kits broderie sont en développement, et seront disponible sur le site web dès juillet.