Céline Lepage – A luminous and fascinating artist / english version


Celine Lepage – 2019

With a seamstress as a grand-mother and an interior designer as a grand-father, Celine was aptly surrounded to get herself into textile arts. But it was actually with a friend, as a teenager, that Celine discovered her true passion: embroidery. After learning the basic stitches, she turned to the Indian motifs and their incredible colour ranges. A flamboyant palette she will keep using all her life.
While traveling through Turkey, Morocco and India, she kept an eye open for local textiles: carpets, canvases, woven and/or embroidered clothes, which are still a source of inspiration today.
She went on taking a workshop with Yann Lagoutte* to learn about Glazig, a technique from Brittany, full of arabesques and colours. During her learning, she discovered the work of Pascal Jaouen*  and Monik Paugam who have modernized this old technique.

Until recently, Celine used to draw her motifs on paper first, which she would then transfer on canvas. The colours would come with the stitches, creating her own technique. But during the last months, her work has gone through an interesting change: she now creates a more personal palette. Her confidence has grown to such an extent that she simplified her work by portraying her ideas straight on a canvas. “I still do research my ideas, but now I just translate them on my canvas directly.” She always listens to music when she works, with a taste for diversity. And it is true that we can almost hear music in her works, like an inner rhythm transformed into shapes and colours.

Tableau Atomic Circus – Céline Lepage, 2019
Esquisse Lueurs – Céline Lepage, 2019

Celine still owns a large stock of fabric inherited from her father. She finds furniture textile more appealing than the ones for clothes. She always looks for quality and natural fibers (especially linen and cotton). She likes to walk through flea markets for new materials as well as treasures such as old beads, threads, etc. She also likes trying new types of threads, and when she finds one she can use both with her needle and her Lunéville hook, she is in paradise!
She particularly enjoys the Steph Francis threads because of the range of colours they offer as well as an uncommon factor: their smell. “I just love opening those packages – it is like an olfactory feast!”
Even though she masters many techniques, Celine still likes to learn new ones. At the moment, she is looking for a teacher on Goldwork embroidery. She learns a lot from other embroiderers too, like Marrit Veenstra, even though her world couldn’t be more different from hers since Marrit creates pieces using only black and white shades. When she discovered such a unique world, Celine felt the urge and the freedom to create her own universe. But she does like to work with others, to challenge and evolve on a common project. She hopes to work with artists who use other mediums too.

In February 2018, Celine decided to become independent, which was a bit frightening. In order to live from her art, she also gives embroidery classes. Following her own artistic evolution, she offers classes where students can express themselves with a lot of freedom. She does teach them the basic stitches and help them with the technique, but she also encourages them to try their own paths, as an artist. Embroidery is becoming (or re-becoming!) a true art, a fine art.

Broche Impro – Céline Lepage, 2017
Esquisse Bleue 2 – Céline Lepage, 2019
Esquisse Brocorail – Céline Lepage, 2019

Several of Celine’s works of Art are on sale on this Website – see here

L’Atelier du 11 is an association of 4 artists around a gallery. After each exhibition, 2-3 works are kept at the Artothèque so people can rent them.

Céline Lepage – https://celinelepagebroderiedart.jimdofree.com/
Embroidery classes – https://celinelepagebroderiedart.jimdofree.com/stages-et-ateliers-1/
Facebook – https://fr-fr.facebook.com/CelineLepagebroderiedart/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/celine_lepage_broderie_dart/

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