Joël Branger – from teeth to threads


Follow your dreams…
Three years ago, Joël Branger was still a dental surgeon. Today, he dresses your sofa and chairs, creates screens, curtains and cushions. And bags.

At the age of 50, he decides to follow his passion for art, particularly for the Bauhaus movement, for the work of Kandinsky or Mondrian. Trading his surgical tools for a needle and a hook, he learns his first upholstery techniques. But he quickly realizes that he needs to express his own creativity and decides to learn how to embellish textiles and fabrics. Painting is deemed too complicated, but embroidery sounds perfect.

The Lesage school is in Paris, too far from Avignon where this busy father lives. He finds a course in Lyon with Elisabeth Roulleau. She teaches him the Luneville technique (also known as Tambour Work in English, the technique used by the high fashion industry) as well as needle embroidery.

Then Joël opens his workshop and starts marketing his work. He registers to fairs, exhibitions, national and international meetings. He opens his workshop to the public during the JEMA (European Artistic Crafts Days) in May 2019.
It takes time to create a network, to be known and recognized, but all these efforts also bring new friends and allows a multitude of beautiful encounters. His offer is so unique that he is soon invited to join artists groups, where network and help is provided.

To give the best to his clients, Joël likes to visit them at their place to catch the unique atmosphere where they live. A Chinese vase, a geometrical carpet can become a source of inspiration for the fabric, colours and patterns needed for the new item.
He is partial to geometrical designs but adds sometimes a few “organic” elements to them. At the moment, he likes to play with the vivid colors of liquorice sweets.

He enjoys the variety of his tasks: the delicacy of stitching embroidery patterns, as well as the strength needed to tightly pull fabric over furniture, working with a very fine needle as well as his heavy hammer!

He also works on smaller objects such as the bags he creates with Corinne Coquet or the clothes from Francesca Fossati (

We wish him all the best with this splendid new adventure!